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Clone Phone Logo The idea of clone phone is that 4GEE pay monthly customers will have a replacement phone with all their important information within 24 hours.

If you phone is lost, stolen, broken or damaged and you have a Clone Plan plan, you will get a replacement phone within the next 24 hours. If your claim is accepted by 11am, there is even a chance you will have a new phone by the end of the day.

You can also backup your most important information, such as your calendars and contacts, through the Clone Phone app. If you have certain Android and BlackBerry phones, you can also locate, lock and wipe your phones memory remotely, which could prove invaluable if your phone was stolen.

About Clone Phone

When you begin cloning your content via the Clone Phone app, it will be making copies of the content on your phone. This includes your contacts, calender, photos and music (but it can’t do iTunes). If you phone is lost, stolen, damaged or broken, you can then put your backed up content onto your new device.

If the worst does happen and your find yourself without a phone, you can get a replacement within the next 24 hours. Then you simply need to download the clone phone app again and login and your can restore all your information from your handset that was lost/stolen/damaged or broken.


The price plans for Clone Phone offers different levels of support and service, depending on your needs. If you just want to safety of at least always having your contacts and are on a pay monthly 4GEE plan, you may find that you don’t need to take out any extra plans, as it is included with these types of contracts. However, if you are prone to loosing or breaking your handset, you may find that paying for a more robust plan will save you in the long run. These are the different plans and what they offer, as well as their prices:

Clone Phone Fully Loaded


  • Insurance
  • Find-My-Phone
  • App Storage- 16GB
  • Price- From £6 to £14

Clone Phone Loaded


  • Find-My-Phone
  • App Storage- 16GB
  • Price £4

Clone Phone Lite


  • App Storage- 500MB
  • Price- included in 4GEE pay monthly plans or costs £2 a month for Orange and T Mobile customers

Clone Phone App

The Clone Phone App is available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices. You will need to download the app to backup your data and information.

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