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EE LogoEE is the largest mobile phone network in the United Kingdom. It was originally known as Everything Everywhere and offers a mobile phone network and internet services. It was formed as a merger of Orange and T Mobile in 2010 and is a 50:50 venture between their parent companies, Deutsche Telekom and Orange S.A.

EE only currently offers its services in the UK and its headquarters are based at Hatfield. There are also other main offices in Bristol, Darlington and London

The History Of EE

The origins of EE began in 2009 when Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom announced that they had plans the merge their UK services with a suggested joint revenue of approximately ¬£7.7 billion. The first press release detailed a distinct vision for both brands saying that “the T-Mobile UK and Orange UK brands will be maintained separately for 18 months”. In March 2010, the merger was cleared by the European Commission.

In April 2010, the joint venture was announced to be complete and Everything Everywhere was announced the following month. When the name was announced, the company confirmed their stance regarding the network, saying that¬†“roaming across both networks would be due later in that year, at no additional cost to the customer”. They also emphasized that the T Mobile, Orange and EE brands would still be separate with each of them still having their own shops, website, marketing and service centres.

In August 2012, EE’s request to roll out a 4G service was approved with the facility launching in September 2012, which cop-coincidently aligned with the launch of the iPhone 5, which supported the 4G service function. EE has almost 600 stores in operation around the UK, following the re-branding of Orange and T Mobile stores in October 2012.

Customer Notice

We provide a call routing service for support and sales phone numbers. We have no connection with EE and other phone numbers can be found in the public domain or from the EE official website.

To be connected to the right number directly you can call the phone number on this site at a standard price of 5p per minute.