Woman Chains Herself to EE Store in “Peaceful Protest”


A woman padlocked herself to the doorway for several hours in an attempt to get EE to release her from her contract or give her a new phone. Diane Cartwright from Gwynedd arrived at the EE store in Bangor yesterday and padlocked herself to the door.

Mrs Cartwright sat on a camping chair with a placard which said “EE, Please release me, let me go” and “peaceful protest”. She was chained to the store between 2pm and 5.30pm, when the store closed. A police officer was called to the incident but did not act as the incident was deemed to be a civil matter.

Mrs Cartwright chose to stage the protest due to an ongoing issue with EE. She relies on her mobile phone to run her dog grooming business- but says that her phone only receives an intermittent signal, meaning that the business was missing out on hundreds of pounds because customers could not get through. She estimates that the business lost between £700 and £1000 as a result of the problem. Despite making numerous calls to EE customer services, the issue had not been resolved- she wanted to cancel her EE contract but needed a PAC code from the network so that she could move to another provider without losing her phone number.

Speaking at the time of her protest, Mrs Cartwright said that she wouldn’t be able to afford another week without her phone working but all she needed was the PAC code. It isn’t the first time that Mrs Cartwright has had trouble with EE. Two years ago, her home was hit by a lightning strike which cut off their landline, broadband and mobile phone supplied by EE. She claims that her husband spent 45 hours on the phone attempting to resolve the issue.

Thanks to the peaceful protest and coverage in the Daily Post, Mrs Cartwright was able to claim victory by getting a PAC code from EE, but although she has won the battle, she said she has not yet won the war. She said that EE had given her the PAC code, cancelled the Direct Debit and apologised to her. She said that carrying out the protest had been ‘demeaning’ although she had got a good reaction from the members of the public who had been shaking her hand. She said that once her number had transferred over, she would be an O2 subscriber, who she described as having ‘great customer service’.

Mrs Cartwright is requesting that EE gives her compensation for loss of earnings, stress, time and money spent travelling to the Bangor store. She thanked the Daily Post for publicising her plight but said that there was still a long way to go yet.

A spokesperson for EE said that Mrs Cartwright had received her PAC code and once again apologised for the inconvenience of the delay. They also confirmed her contract had been terminated at no extra costs and were in contact with Mrs Cartwright to arrange a small gesture of goodwill.

For more about EE, call EE customer services.

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