EE Roaming Outage Leaves Customers Furious

EE roaming customer service

If you were abroad last week and a customer of EE, chances were that you were left very frustrated and unable to get in touch with friends and family back home. The network was hit with several problems with roaming and data services, which pushed many customers to vent their feelings on social media. Customers who were using their phone in Europe were unable to send texts or make calls due to network outages. One customer told The Independent that himself, his wife and two children were all EE customers and were having the same problem of being unable to make or receive calls, which was causing them difficulty.

When reports of the problems first emerged on the 1st August, EE did not make an official statement regarding it but did reply to some frustrated customers on social media. The network said that they were aware of the roaming issues and were working towards fixing them. A spokesperson for the network later told the media that they were aware of the problem, apologised to any customers who had been affected and were working urgently with network partners across Europe to resolve the issue. They also recommended that customers who were having difficulty tried restarting their device or turning flight mode on and off, as this had previously worked for some customers.

The situation took a viral turn when the lead singer of the band Bastille reported that he was having issues.

The EE social media person in question decided to re-assure Dan by replying with puns of his songs.

Dan was pretty amused by the reply, stating:

Some users were reporting outages until the 3rd August in places like the USA. However, the issues seems to have been resolved as the EE Twitter account is no longer reporting problems with roaming.

Roaming issues were reported in France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Cyprus. The issue was treated as priority one by the network, which generally means that a fix will be found within four hours. However, it did take the network a few days to resolve the issue. The company have said that they will compensate for any money which has been lost.

If you have been affected by a roaming outage, you can call EE using the number on this site and a member of the team will be assist you. If you are a pay monthly customer, call centres are based in the UK. 

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