EE Brings Call Centres Back To The UK

For a while now, pay monthly subscribers to EE have been having their calls answered by UK customer service centres, and now, EE says that will be the case for all customers, as it brings all of its call centres back to the UK. This move will also create 1,000 jobs.

EE was purchased by BT back in January for £12.5 billion. The company announced today that 100% of calls from customers on a contract were answered in Britain, and it has now said that this will be extended to include broadband and pay monthly customers by the end of the year. So far in 2016, the operator has already created 500 customer service jobs, and they will hire a further 550 staff in the likes of Darlington, Plymouth, north Tyneside and Merthyr Tydfil.

In the first three months of the year, EE was the most complained about broadband provider, alongside owner BT. The companies combined have 10 million broadband customers. According to Ofcom, in the months January-March, 34 out of 100,000 broadband customers complained to EE, and 31 out of 100,000 BT customers- the highest level in the industry. EE has also been the third most complained about phone provider with 6 complaints per 100,000 people, compared to Vodafone who had 29 complaints per 100,000 people. ee derby

The plans to bring all call centres back to the UK was announced alongside EE’s plan to offer coverage everywhere by 2020. The provider will aim to bring 4G coverage to what are colloquially known as ‘not spots’, usually found in rural areas of the country. They aim to grow 4G coverage from 60% to 95% over the course of four years.

The chief executive Marc Allera, who took over following the BT merger, said that ambitions were set out earlier in the year to transform customer experience and service. He said that so far, the network has had great feedback from customers about the changes that they have made so far and the number of complaints has decreased, but the company don’t want to stop there.

20 new staff have already been taken on at the Plymouth call centre, with a further 140 to be taken on by the end of the year. For the North Tyneside centre, 130 jobs will be created, alongside 130 in Darlington and 150 in Merthyr Tydfil.

Yesterday, shares in BT fell following a period of outage for broadband customers. Today, they were down another two per cent despite the broadband connection being back.

A new study by Rootmetrics has also shown that EE is the fastest network at Wembley, which is expected as the network is the sponsor of the stadium. EE currently uses Wembley to test its new technologies. The network was also the fastest at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground, with download/upload speeds of 11.6mbps and 6.6mbps. Vodafone came in second place, followed by Three with O2 coming in last place.

At the O2 Arena, EE came second to last. Surprisingly, it was not O2 in first place as you would expect, but Vodafone. O2 actually came in last place, although other major network Three did not register a score.

For more about EE services, call the EE customer service number.

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