Has EE Made Glastonbury ‘The Most Connected Festival Ever’?

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Last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival seems like a distant memory now. The mud has been washed off, the rubbish has been picked up and Worthy Farm has begun its transformation back into a working farmland. However, one company that certainly hasn’t forgot about the festival is EE, who have been busy telling the world about how they made this year’s Glastonbury Festival the most connected festival ever.

This year, festival attendees used 25tb of data, 70% more than what was predicted by the network. If you’re struggling to comprehend how much data that is, it’s enough to download headlining act’s Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend six million times. 5tb was used for uploading content; the equivalent of 22 million selfies.

As part of the EE partnership with Glastonbury, the network installed the world’s most powerful temporary 4G network. It had triple the capacity of 2015’s network. The company also provided free wifi at the festival, which was attended by 170,000 people.

According to EE network activity peaked during the Friday morning announcement of the EU referendum results, and also during Coldplay’s triumphant headline set on the Sunday, with guest appearances from Michael Eavis and Barry Gibb, alongside a tribute to the late band Viola Beach.

EE also provided a phone charging service on site to help people keep connected, as well as developing the official festival accompaniment app. The app was accessed over four million times during the course of the weekend. Users dropped over 40,000 pins as they kept track of the location of their tents, cars and even friends. The users also ‘favourited’ over three million acts and listed to 500,000 Deezer clips of the artists.

The event also saw a technology first- Glastonbury Virtual Reality experience. The virtual reality was filmed and shown to people in the EE Recharge tent, so that they could experience other areas of the festival, whilst waiting for their phones to charge. The virtual reality experience was also shown at the flagship London Westfield EE store and is now available to view on social media.

Use the video above to see the atmosphere at the Pyramid Stage, dance all night at the Shangri-La or join in with some bizarre hamming throwing up in the fields.

How can I go to Glastonbury next year?

Yes, we know that the sun has only just set on the stone circle of Glastonbury 2016, but attention has already turned to 2017. Here’s how you can be there and what you need to know:

  • Next year’s festival will take place from the 21st-25th of June.
  • Tickets are likely to go on sale in October.
  • You must first register with a passport style photograph, as the registration number is required to purchase tickets.
  • This year’s festival cost £228 with a £5 booking fee, but the price is likely to increase next year.

Who will headline?

Michael Eavis has already said that next year’s headliners are confirmed, but we are unlikely to know them for a while yet. The bookies are betting on the likes of Guns n Roses, Daft Punk, AC/DC, the Stone Roses, Radiohead, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran. Fleetwood Mac have been rumoured for an appearance for several years, but Eavis has said it is unlikely to ever happen as they are just too ‘expensive’.

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