EE Will Not Relaunch Power Bar

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Ee has confirmed to Mobile News that it will not be relaunching the Power Bar scheme, after it was forced to recall the product due to incidents of overheating. Instead, the operator will focus on new forms of reward schemes.

Last year, EE launched the power bar in April and ran out of stock within 24 hours. However, just three months later, the network was forced to recall around 500,000 power bars after reports of one exploding hit the media. A medical student posted an image on Twitter of her burnt hands, saying that her power bar had exploded. Following this, several more people said that they had similar experiences of their devices overheating.

EE sent the batch to be tested and the CEO at the time, Olaf Swantee, said that preliminary results showed that the power banks were safe. When the power bars were released, it was estimated that around 1.5 million were in use around the UK. In December, EE launched a £20 voucher scheme to entice customers into returning their power bars- this was ceased back in March.

A spokesperson for EE said that the power bar promotion had a positive response when it was launched, but it is after ‘careful consideration’ that the company has decided not to relaunch it. Instead, they still sell a wide range of chargers and portable power packs. The spokesperson added that the network will be shortly announcing how customers can stay connected at Glastonbury Festival and releasing some new loyalty offers in time for summer.

For more about EE’s products and services, call the EE customer service contact number.

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