EE Unveils Plans To Cover UK With 4G

Network EE has said that it will cover the whole of the UK, or at least 95% of it, with 4G data connectivity by 2020. The network has also said that it will shut down call centres in India and replace them with ones in the UK and Ireland, creating 600 new jobs.

The announcement comes a week after EE came bottom of a customer service survey, and a few days after it landed a contract with the Government. Under the new contract, the network will replace the Airwave radio network, hopefully eliminating any blackspots.

At the moment, 60% of the country is covered by 4G. It is mostly rural areas which suffer from blackspots. However, this needs to be corrected, to assist the likes of emergency services in these areas. EE-Highspeed-Herd

According to The Telegraph, the contract with the Government will be paid with funds from the recent Budget. The EE CEO said that the project would go further than any other operator, with the aim of covering all of the UK with 4G. He added that being part of such a large group gives security over any long term investments.

The network has also said that 100% of its customer service operations will be ran from the UK and Ireland by the end of the year. New jobs will be created in Tyneside, Ireland and Plymouth. Since 2014, EE has already cut complaints by 50%, creating 1400 new jobs in customer service in the UK and Ireland. The change in customer service operations will mostly affect pay as you go and broadband customers, whose calls are mainly handled overseas.

Traditionally, mobile networks have focused on bringing 4G to areas with high population density, such as towns and cities. According to the EE CEO, most networks are used to saying ‘no’ to new areas of coverage, but EE is saying yes. They have proved this by switching on 4G in Shetland and the Isles of Scilly- opposite ends of the UK. As part of the rollout in rural areas, EE plans to build 750 new cell sites.

For more information about EE’s 4G coverage, call the EE contact number.

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