EE Most Reliable Network

According to Ofcom, EE is the most reliable mobile network. The provider has achieved the fastest mobile data speeds in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool and London.

The industry regulator tested O2, EE, Vodafone and Three’s networks in December last year to see which of them offered the best performance across 3G and 4G data connections. The report that the regulator produced showed that webpages loaded successfully on the EE network 98% of the time. The pages took approximately 5 seconds to load, whilst download speeds were shown to be an average of 20 mbps.

Three was the runner up network in the test, with pages loading 95% of the time and taking around 6 seconds to load. The load speed was the same as Vodafone and O2, but Three boasted average speeds of 15 mbps, compared to Vodafone’s 12 mbps and O2’s 1o mbps.

Of all the cities tested, London had the slowest browsing speeds across all of the four networks, whereas Cardiff’s were the fastest, particularly for EE- 23 mbps. The only city where EE wasn’t the fastest was Norwich, but this could have been due to network maintenance. ee

A spokesperson for Ofcom said that the report aimed to give consumers an ‘insight’ into the performance of their mobile network, according to how they use their phone. The spokesperson said that when a person is choosing a phone, network performance is likely to be just one of the factors that they take into consideration. Lastly, they added that the report was part of a wider programme by Ofcom into mobile quality of service.

Ofcom provides tools, known as the Mobile Coverage and Broadband Coverage checker, which allows users to check levels of coverage and web browsing speeds/downloads where they live, in order to help them make a choice about which network to use.

For more information about EE’s network speeds, contact the customer service department.

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