EE Takes Advantage Of Celebrity Endorsement

Mobile network EE has launched its new advertising campaign this month. The operator has brought Stephen Fry and Rachel Riley on board besides current campaign star Kevin Bacon. The new campaign is to highlight the fact that EE’s 4G network has been independently verified as being 50% faster than Vodafone, O2 and Three.

This time, the advert is based around a spoof game show called ‘It’s A No Brainer’. The adverts have been split into two parts and sees Fry and Riley try to solve the mystery of why customers would choose another network besides EE. When neither of them can produce an answer, Bacon says ‘Choose the network that’s 50% faster, it’s a no brainer Britain.”

The 30 second adverts premiered during last Friday’s episode of Gogglebox on Channel 4. The campaign will also have print, online and social media counterparts. 4g

EE’s brand director said that the network understands consumers are now using more data than ever, relying on a 4G network to download things more quickly and stream with more reliability and better quality. He added that the brand wished to illustrate the findings (of the network being 50% faster) by using ‘well known TV geniuses’, adding that they were delighted Rachel Riley and Stephen Fry were able to come on board to the campaign.

The advert has been met with approval on social media. One Twitter user said “Loving the new @EE advert! Kevin Bacon in glasses!” with a heart eyed emoji.

For more information about EE, and the 4G network, call the EE customer services team.

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