EE Suffers Webmail Outage

Orange, part of the EE network, suffered network outages last week which meant that users could not access webmail. The service was unavailable for around a day after a fibre optic cable was cut.

At the time, the network said that they could not say when the problem would be fixed. An EE spokesperson insisted that it was only ‘a small proportion’ of the 30 million subscribers which had been affected by the network outage. However, the customers who were affected expressed their anger at a ‘lack of communication’ from the company. One person told the BBC that EE had not put an explanation on their website, and that he and his wife were worried they would be unable to print off event tickets as he could not access his email inbox.

EE did however, engage with some people that were affected on Twitter and released a statement on their website. ee

The statement said that they have identified a technical fault with a fibre optic cable operated by a third party which leads into a major data centre. The network said that the cable had been cut and that they were in the process of replacing it. Lastly, they said that they understood how ‘frustrating’ an outage could be.

A spokeswoman for EE also stressed that only people trying to access their email from a browsing window, rather than an app were affected.

The latest disappointment for EE customers comes as it was announced that pay monthly customers would see their contract prices increased. The outage also came less than a week after users were unable to use their data- a similar problem to the webmail outage.

To find out more about EE’s network, call the EE customer service contact number.

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